Samantha Lowe

Native American Pantheon

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Introduction to Early Native American Culture:

The name Indian came from Christopher Columbus. Native Americans were the first to settle in America about 15,000 years ago. Most of the Native Americans came to America on foot. Not one indian tribe is the same.

Spiritual Belief System:

The Native Americans beleive in the use of a shaman, thier referred to aboriginal healers.
Aztec Religion: They worshipped nature, sun and moon Gods. They practiced human sacrifice as well.
Incas Religion: Incas people were in South America between the twelfth and the early sixteenth century. They worshiped the Sun god as their main deity and built alot of temples for him. They believed in life after death. The ruins of the Incas can be found in peru.

The Role of Gods and Goddesses:

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Specific Deities:

A deity is responsible for the creation of the world and is used in religious rituals and some prayers. In Aztec mythology, Centeotl is the masculine deity of maize, the son of the earth goddess. In the incas tribe, Urcuchillay was worshipped by herders and believed to be a colorful llama that watched over their animals.