Celtic Creation and Destruction

By: Shawn Pearson
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The Green Man (Celtic symbol)


There are many Irish myths and stories about the creation and destruction of the Celtics. I came to believe from the Irish that before there was anything or anybody on Earth, the sea and land were the only two things on Earth. When the sea met the land a mare or, a fully mature female horse, was born. She was white and made of sea foam, her name was Eiocha. On land where the sea met up with the land , a tree grew, a big, strong, and sturdy oak tree. A plant grew on the tree, and the seeds were formed out of the foam tears of the sea. To feed herself Eiocha ate the seeds,they were white berries and they transformed inside of her. These seeds got her pregnant and she gave birth to the God Cernunnos. The pain was so bad and horrible that she ripped a peice of bark off the tree and threw it in the sea and the tree transformed by sea and became the giants of the deep. Cernunnos was lonely and he saw the giants of the deeps was a big group. So he mated with Eiocha and they gave birth to the gods, Maponos, Tauranis, and Teutates, and the goddess, Epona. Eiocha got bored with the land, being made of sea-foam, and she returned back to the sea, and she transformed into Tethra, goddess of the deep water.

The new gods and goddess then also got lonely because they didnt have anyone to command or to worship them. The gods and goddess also took wood from the oak tree and made the first man and woman. Cernunnos also made other animals from the oak tree. He made deer, hounds, boars, ravens, hares and the snake. He was god of the animals, and he commanded the oak tree to spread and grow, to become a forest home for his children. Epona also made animals, but only horses, mares, and stallions in rememberance of her mother Eiocha. The other gods and goddess also took peices of the tree and made things like weapons and fire.


The Celtics ended when everything went down and wrong among the giants of the deep and the gods and goddess on land children of Cernunnos and Eiocha. Eiocha who got bored with land and went back to her orginal sea-foam went back to the sea. Where she transformed into Tethra she heard the giants plotting againt her children. The giants of the deep was jealous of the gods and goddess because they people to control and to worship them and they didnt. They plotted against the gods and goddess of the land to kill them all. So Eiocha warned her children and they had a big battle that eneded in no one surviving.
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Cernunnos God of Animals

What do these myths demonsrate about the society?
These myths reveal that in the Irish Celtic soceity they love to rule and have worshipers. Their government is run by a prime minister that controls everything just like the gods and goddess did. The Irish Celtic soceity like power and people to praise them. The prime minister controls who does what and who has how much power they had. He also can give and pick who ever he wants and give them a job and that's an example of the gods picking what the new gods and goddes would control. This also shows that irish people can be really jealous and revengeful people. I say this because the giants of the deep were jealous of the gods and goddess of the land and plotted against them. They tried to kill the gods and goddess of the land because they were jealous of the power the gods and goddess had. Also people of the Celtic soceity were head hunters. "Amongst the Celts the human head was venerated above all else, since the head was to the Celt the soul, centre of the emotions as well as life itself , a symbol of divinity and of the powers of the other world."(3) This is an exmaple of the Celts being power seekers. The Celts were fierce warriors, but they were also highly skilled artisans, miners, builders, farmers and merchants.
Celtic God of Light

Three Myths that relates to the Celtic soceity