West African Trickster Gods

by Garret Dunn
The tricksters of West Africa include one whos named Eshu-Elegbara. Eshu was a orisha. Eshu was known for his sexual appetite. He shows many obvious trickster traits such as deciet, humor, lawlessness, and of corse his sexuality. however he is also the god of communication and spiritual language.
Eshu was also known as Legba. Another thing that Eshu was associated with was travel or commerce.

“Elegba or Elegbara is both a cognomen and aspects of the orisha Eshu. Elegba is the trickster and the keeper of ase. He opens and closes the doors to opportunity. He is the policeman of the spirit world. He has the ability to turn order into chaos. He is the spirit that allows transformation. It is Elegba who offers you choices. It is Elegba who is the divine messenger, carrying prayers, petitions and sacrifices to other orisha and spirits. He is always appeased first because he is capable of disrupting or misguiding prayers, offerings, sacrifices and rituals.” (1)
The Zaire twins and their wooden headrest was thought to represent opposing forces in the natural world. They represented how there was both good and bad in the world, and it didnt matter what you did, there would always be stuggle and hardship along with reward.

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