Ashley Milewski West African Creation


Creation; Different tribes, different stories:

In the Absence of science, they resorted to creating stories to account for what they did not and could not understand. In each region of the world in which the creator traveled, he created humans from the materials available, he made some white, others red or brown, and made the Shilluk black. These creations were given availability to see and taste the food that they were given. They then were given speech and hearing to entertain one another.

A West african creation tale explains how two spirit people were accidentaly sent down to Earth by the sky God. Lonely, the people decided to create children out of clay, but feel they must hide them when the sky God comes down. Because they are hidden in fire, the children soon turn to various shades based on how long they had been exposed to the heat. Over time, these clay children grow up and move to various regions of the Earth, ultimately populating it.

The Boshongo, a central tribe of the Lunda cluster, tell a different story. Their creator was a man named Bumba who created both the sun and moon along with various creatures before man ("An African Cosmogony"). The Boshongo were the last to be created so they are no more important than any other living organism.


The Abaluyia believe that god created man so that the sun would have someone to shine on. Then God created plants and animals to provide man with food. God also gave then man a woman so he could have someone to speak with, therefore, he would not be lonely. For the Abaluyia, the world does not truely revolve around them.

Despite their differences, these four stories share a belief that they were all created by some kind of God. All of them serve the same purpose. These stories served as a comforting basis for the African people and a way of connecting to future generations. They are a great creation of literature.

Before the Earth was formed, the genderless creator God, name Nane-Buluku, by the Fon people of Dahomey, created a companion Dragon called Aido Hwedo who was both male and female. it was a dragon able to move with ease between heaven and Earth who carried the creator in its mouth. they traveled together into the physical realms to create the world as we know it.


The Zulu, whos creator is named, Unkulunkulu. The creator came from the reeds and from the reeds he brought people and cattle. The creator taught Zulu how to do many things such as, hunt, how to make a fire, and how to grow food. he created everything from mountains to streams, snakes, and etc.

The efik, whos creator is named Abassi, created two humans but did not let them stay living on the Earth. His wife, Atai told abassi to let them stay living on the Earth. The only way Abassi could control the humans is if they ate with Abassi. basically, the humans disobeyed abassi and they soon started growing there own food and eating the food that they grew. Abassi blamed his wife for keeping them on the Earth, because by this time the two humans were having babies and making more people live on the Earth.

The Ekoi had to Gods, Obassi Osaw and Obassi Nsi. The two Gods had created everything together. The two Gods eventually split up, Obassi Osaw went to live in the sky, and Obassi Nsi stayed living on the Earth. Obasi Osaw gives light and moisture to the Earth, and Obassi Nsi gives nurtures and takes people back to Obassi Osaw when they die.

In the Fans Tribe there were three Gods, The Nzame, Mebere, and Nkwa. The Nzame created the universe and the Earth and also brought life to it. Nzame was decided to create a ruler for the Earth. So, the Elephant, the monkey, and the leopard were created. When these animals were created, the Nzame thought that something better had to be created. They made a new creature names Fam, which also means "power" and they told him that he was to rule the Earth. When Nzame is angry he creates storms and rain; when he was angry he made thunder and lightning and destroyed everything except fam, who had been promised immortality. Nazme decided to renew the Earth and start again.