Native American Trickster Gods
By: Bobbie Sizemore


The trickster usaly breaks the rules of the gods or nature sometimes maliciously like loki even thought it is unintentionally, with the out come to have positive effects. Most of the time the rule breaking takes the form of tricks or thievery. Tricksters can be very cunning or foolish or even both. They are often funny even when they are performing cultural tasks. In many cultures like Greek, norse, or slavic folk tales, along with the american/first nations, The trickster and the culture hero are combined. Native american mythology there are figures that are known as tricksters whose actions have been conected with natural phenomenon like the creation of the earth, the sun and the advent of fire. Native pilosophers gave the beings human qualities because their actions to the passions that govern human thought . A trickster is many things but depeending on what you beliveive in, The first notable of a trickster is the ability to shapeshift


The Creation of the people

In the begging there was only two gods Tawa, The sun god, and The spider women The goddess of the earth. There was no other man or women until these two willied it to be. Over time they began to think about how there should be more gods to share their labors with. Tawa decided to divide himself into another person named Muiyinwuh whitch was the god of all life Germs. Then the spider women divided herself up and made another person which was Huzruiwuhti The god of hard substances such as coral, turquoise, silver and shell.