BY: Rachelle Yasso
HOUR: 2nd

Gods and Mythology of   Ancient Egypt - The Ram God Amun
Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt - The Ram God Amun

Mans first Gods were the forces of nature. The egyption Gods were feared, like many of the other Gods, but these Gods were also Gods to be loved.[1[ The Egyptian Gods were known for story telling. There were to tales to educate people, tales to entertain, and tales with morals. The acient Egyptians practiced a belief system which was part totemisn, part polytheism and part ancestor worship. There were many Gods, Gods of different kinds.
One of the Gods were AMENT; Ament was the greeter of the dead. The appearence of Ament was a women dressed in the robes of a queen. She greets the new souls of the dead. [3]

The Egyptian law was basically based on a common sense view of right or wrong. You were either one. It was following the concept of Ma'at. the Ma'at represented the truth, order, balance and justice in the universe. This made everyone with the exception of slaves equals under the law, whether you were rich or poor or your social position.
When someone got punished for breaking the law, not only did they suffer but thir loved ones also had to suffer. Not only mentally, but also physically.
For example, if someone got exiled their family was also exiled. If a relative deserted from military service, or defaulted on the labor demands of the state, the entire family could be improsned

The Capital punishment in Egypt goes back to the acient Egyptian civilization, when death was applies for people who broke the Ma'at Law.
The Ma'at Law was a law that forbided crimes such as murder, theft, going against something that the Egyptians believed, attempts on the Paroaoh and spying. it was applied through beheading, sacrafice, or drowning in the Nile river in a closed sack.
The curent death penalties in Egypt is made for crimes punishable by death for offenses under the anti-terrorism legislation and the premeditated murder which is a crime of killing someone for the wrong reasons, as well as rape and drug offences.

There are two ways in Egypt that people killed. The first, which is the most common in Egypt is the hanging by a rope, (the gallows). This method is used for all types of civilian criminals[2]. The second is shooting firemarms, which is more used for military people and soldiers that commit capital crimes.

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The way the Egyptian people came up with their punishment was from the codes and court operations mostly from the Birtish, Italian, and Napoleonic models. [4]
They believed in this punishment very much, some of the people wanted to change it but not enough people wanted to so they didnt. People thought that hangings and shootings would be more effective for people to watch and learn their lessons by doing this. The Egyptians dont treat their people very well still today. It isnt very civilzed out there, it may be a little different by how their are no more Gods, no more Pharoahs, and the language and writing is different, but how they punish their people is still the same.

Woman vomitting at banquet
Woman vomitting at banquet

The Egyptians believed and still do believe in "Drinking till drunk while enjoying the feast day!" even children are allowed to drink. The Egyptains believed that their beer might have been safer for them then their water or their milk which had a lot of germs in them. Many women in Egypt did not like when the men often gor drunk, the men would have to enjoy the pleasure of drinking in their own home. Though some women did also enjoy drinking beer.

For the Egyptians, sex was no sin. In fact, all the women and children were required to be undressed most of the time and especially when they were working. even though this was so, this had very little to do with sex. This doesnt go on now a days in Egypt. People are fully clothed. What was frownded upon in Egypt was homosexuality. It was sexual misconduct. Today in Egypt, there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual.
Man and woman copulating, Valley of te Kings
Man and woman copulating, Valley of te Kings